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2015 Great McCort Auction

Click HERE for a list of live auction items. 

2015 Auction COVER.jpg

Click HERE for a list of live auction items.

2015-16 Academic Calendar Announced

Click HERE to view the 2015-16 Academic Calendar

2015-16 At-a-glance Calendar.jpg

Congratulations Bishop McCort Class of 2015!

Graduation_05292015DSC_3415.jpg z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_3465.jpg
z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4296.jpg  z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4323.jpg

z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4329.jpg  z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_3306.jpg
z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_3343.jpg  z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4428.jpg z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4439.jpg
z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4360.jpg z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4526.jpg
z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_3438.jpg z_homepage_Graduation_05292015DSC_4481_1.jpg

Click here for more photos. (Baccalaureate Mass photos will be processed/posted soon.)

God bless our graduates!

Baccalaureate Mass_05282015DSC_2733.jpg Baccalaureate Mass_05282015DSC_2820.jpg
Baccalaureate Mass_05282015DSC_2905.jpg Baccalaureate Mass_05282015DSC_2842.jpg
Click here for more photos from the Baccalaureate Mass.


Beautiful Music: McCort Spring Concert 2015

Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_2198.jpg Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_2259_1.jpg Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3510.jpg  Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3450.jpg
Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3508.jpg Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_3438.jpg
    Bishop McCort Spring Concert_05172015dsc_2239.jpg
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Bishop McCort Senior Awards 2015

a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3306_1.jpg a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3309.jpg a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3131.jpg
Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3149.jpg  z_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3259.jpg
a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3241.jpg Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3108.jpg
z_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3251.jpg  a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3229_1.jpg
a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3206.jpg  a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3101.jpg
a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3199.jpg  a_home page_Bishop McCort Senior Awards_01142015dsc_3189.jpg

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Bishop McCort Track & Field 2015

McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0848.jpg zz_McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0910_1.jpg zz_McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0984_1.jpg
McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0789.jpg McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0893.jpg McCort at Somerset_05052015dsc_0822.jpg
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Bishop McCort Prom 2015

McCort Prom 2015dsc_0352.jpg McCort Prom 2015dsc_0393.jpg McCort Prom 2015dsc_0461.jpg
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Bishop McCort Track & Field 2015

McCort track_04292015dsc_9767.jpg McCort track_04292015dsc_9901.jpg
McCort track_04292015dsc_9832.jpg McCort track_04292015dsc_9902.jpg
 McCort track_04292015dsc_9746.jpg
McCort track_04292015dsc_9940.jpg
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West Side Story at Bishop McCort

Click here for poster photos. Click here for Day 1 photos.
Click here for Day 2 photos. Click here for Days 3 and 4 photos.
Click here for family and friends photos.

 Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_2866.jpg Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_8289.jpg Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_2771.jpg
Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_2732.jpg Day 2_West Side Story_04232015dsc_8365.jpg

a_PRINT THIS INSTEAD  cast print this_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_8037.jpg a_PRINT THIS_Maria and Tony_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_8006.jpg a_PRINT THIS_Bernardo and Anita_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_8013.jpg
a_PRINT THIS_America girls_West Side Story 2015_posterdsc_7925.jpg a_PRINT THIS_more girls_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7981.jpg
aa_ PRINT THIS_print this_JETS_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7828.jpg aa_PRINT THIS_print this_SHARKS_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7840.jpg
a_PRINT THIS_officers_West Side Story 2015_posterdsc_7883.jpg aa PRINT THIS_print this_teacher-bar tender_Westside Story 2015_posterdsc_7864.jpg west side story logo.png
For prints, contact Photos & More at or 814.659.6035.


 252525 Logo from postcard.jpg


Scholarship Funding Day!

front porch photo redo.jpg

Current McCort students excited about 25/25/25!

 Ireland students.jpg

Emily Daley ’13 and Shane Boyd ‘13, both Duquesne students, are studying in Ireland this semester!

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Click here for the June 3, 2015 Graduation Tribune-Democrat Tradition insert.
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