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Bishop McCort Online Academic Drop-In Student

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Welcome to Bishop McCort Online,

We are happy to have your child as a visiting “Drop-In” student.  As a Christian Educational community, we feel obligated to share our resources and opportunities to those in need during these uncertain times.  We will do our best to provide your child with supplemental academic opportunities through our ongoing Bishop McCort coursework. Parents and students should be aware that they will be joining these course “in-session” of the Bishop McCort fourth quarter.  


At this time, Student “Drop-In” opportunities exist in 2 formats:


1. AP “Drop-In”

  • Enroll in a Bishop McCort AP Course/s
  • Bishop McCort AP Classes Available:
    • AP English Literature
    • AP Biology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Physics 1 & 2
    • AP US Government & Politics
    • AP US History 
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Statistics
  • AP courses can be chosen individual per the student
  • A student should have been enrolled in the AP course at their home school
  • An AP Course will be $ 40 a week, per each individual course


2. Core Course Enrollment (grades 7-12)

  • Bishop McCort 4 Core Classes: Math/Science/Social Studies/English
  • Student must be enrolled in all 4 classes to “Drop-In”
  • Core Course Enrollment will be $ 200 a week for all 4 Core Classes

Enrollment in either course will provide a student:

  • Bishop McCort Outlook Office email address
  • Bishop McCort Google Classroom account
  • Initial Online meeting with Classroom Teacher (via Zoom/Google Hangout, etc)
  • Continued Online Access to Instructional Staff and Technical Support
  • Access to Daily Classes/Lectures/Assignments through Google Classroom
  • Assessment and Grading from Classroom Teacher
  • Certificate of Participation
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