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Access to High School Students & Information on Students by Military Recruiters

Dear Parents/Guardians of Junior & Senior Students,

The Department of Education and Defense continues to have a yearly directive on Access to High School Students and Information by Military Recruiters.   High schools are required to provide access to and directory information of secondary students upon request.  This information will be used specifically for armed services recruiting purposes and providing information on scholarship opportunities. 

Bishop McCort Catholic High School will continue to comply with this legislation and will provide military recruiters with the name, address, and telephone number of junior and senior students.  Parents who do not wish for this directory information to be disclosed to military recruiters have the right to opt out by providing a written statement asking that their child be excluded from the directory list. 

A letter addressed to Bishop McCort High School, Attention: Guidance Office, RE: Military Directory Information should be provided to the school.  The letter must specifically state what is to be excluded (name, address, and/or phone). 

If you do not want your child’s information disclosed, please provide an “opt out” statement to the school no later than November 30, 2021. Directory information will be sent out to military recruiters upon request after this date without hesitation. 



This announcement is for all 17-18 year old male students.  Federal law states that all men living in the U.S. must register with Selective Service within a month of their 18th birthday.  Registering keeps you eligible for college loans, job training, government jobs, and driver’s license renewal.  You can get a Selective Service registration card at the post office or register online at

Please feel free to contact the Guidance Office with any further questions or concerns.

Thank you,


Richard Denhard, M.Ed.

10th & 12th Grade School Counselor

814-536-8991 ext: 3886

[email protected]