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International Program Coordinator

This Spring's TOEFL test is moved to April 29th SATURDAY. We suggest that students arrive at the school no later than 5:45 am (in the Parking Lot in front of the Bach Center) for the van to take them to the testing site in Pittsburgh. The students will arrive back at school by 2:00 p.m. The Guidance office is responsible for registering the students. If your student has not registered with the Guidance office, this must be done IMMEDIATELY if your student has any hope in taking the TOEFL test through the school-approved trip.
One of my many responsibilities is to coordinate the international program here at Bishop McCort. I work as a liaison between host families and the students' families in China, along with our partners at Three W International.
Remember that there are a couple responsibilities outside of your care and supervision of the international student in your household. The first is the monthly report, sent to Three W and passed along to the students' families back in China. I also read them, to help me gauge how home life is for our international students, as well as make sure you are not having any issues while hosting them.

The Monthly report - To be filed at the end of each month of school.

The second is to encourage your international student in the development of social ties and the English language at all possible times. Just like our domestic students, our international students come in all shapes and sizes, with many colorful personalities. I want you to encourage your international student to participate in school events and by extension, I want to encourage you to support them if they take part in sports or other extracurricular activities. It is part of their cultural experience to be included not just in the lifestyle of Bishop McCort, but in your family life as well. Include them as much as possible.
I am here to be an advocate for the international students and to be a facilitator in communication among the international students, their families, our school, and you. I am available during normal school hours, 8 am to 3 pm, for normal communication or general questions. Please feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] If I cannot answer a question, I promise I will find someone who can.
I am available outside of normal school hours in the event of an emergency regarding your care of the international student.
If it is an emergency issue, please contact me via cell phone: 814-242-6851
There are certain requirements from the school, the state, and Three W International that must be completed before becoming a host family. It is a significant responsibility, but many families take it on and continue to act as hosts to our international students. Please contact the school --- 814-536-8991 --- if you are interested. No experience is required.