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Travel Club Info

Search this page for information regarding the Travel Club and any activities as we work to travel to Greece and Italy in 2022!
I am leading the participating members of the Class of 2023 on a trip to Greece and Italy - to take in the history and connect it to their Senior class subject, American Government!

Meeting Information Below:
Our Trip Coordinator is Montavis Lee, email: [email protected]

The link to the tour website is where you can sign up on the right side of the page.

It asks for passport information and will lock you into a payment plan (both outlined in the presentation below.)

To answer some questions that were asked during the presentation:

Trip Insurance does not need to be purchased until about 120 days before departure, but will be available to refund you the money you have paid into the trip if you had to cancel.

There is no penalty for paying the trip amount early, if you were to pay a large sum at one time. Each student has a fundraiser page, with 100% of that money going against your balance total. So if you were paying monthly, it would reduce the number of monthly payments, NOT the amount being paid each month.

Medical care is 24/7 and paid through the Explorica insurers. They would pay for a new flight home if deemed necessary for your child's health. There is no extra charge for medical insurance while abroad.

Some of you might qualify for their scholarship, which could be $150 off your price. Call the number listed in the presentation.

Any excursions/additions selected have a minimum number of participants. If we do not have enough participants for those "extras" then we cannot do them - I only know of the Pisa excursion while in Florence, Day 7 - but there can be more.

The presentation has the inclusions, please check the trip website for more details!