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Senior Workshop with St. Francis University 10-11-17

Attention Seniors & Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2018, 

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 Bishop McCort Senior students will take part in a college preparation workshop.  The Guidance Office is once again welcoming Saint Francis University staff and students as they will be presenting on various aspect of college life to our students.  The workshops are designed to encourage students’ self-examination and self-advocacy in relation to their post-secondary plans and actions.  Specifically, students will discuss and better understand their:

  • Collegian Self
  • Financial Self
  • Career/Professional Self
  • Spiritual Self

This workshop will be fun, informal, and informative.  Students will be in small groups and rotate to various presentations throughout the morning.  The final presentation will bring all students back together for a question and answer session with current college students to discuss their personal paths to success in college. 

The goal is for students to be engaged and ask questions so they take advantage of getting answers and information directly from the source.  Saint Francis University will be presenting information and insights in a broad based manner.  This is not solely for Saint Francis University bound students!  All students will benefit from the workshops presented.

Please discuss this upcoming event with your child and encourage them to make the most of having a University come to them!  Review the workshop topics below and perhaps develop some possible questions to ask of the presenters.  It is set to be a great learning opportunity for all seniors and a chance to start thinking about their very near future beyond Bishop McCort!  

Please contact Bishop McCort Guidance Office with any additional questions.  


The Workshop Schedule Example (Students will attend all groups, times will vary)

Faith in College and Beyond,

Presenter: Ms. Kelly Beagle and Ms. Leona Horner, Graduate Assistants, Center for Service and Learning, Saint Francis University

 How does a high school student carry her/his faith forward to college?  What opportunities are available in college for students to practice their faith and to get involved in Christian Community Service?   What is the role of faith in your journey through college and into your life as an independent adult?  These questions and more will be addressed in this presentation regarding your Spiritual Self.


College Prep 101,  

Presenter: Ms. Kelly Aharrah, Assistant Director of Admissions, Saint Francis University

 How does a high school student prepare for the college search and choice?  What do colleges look for in candidates?  How does a student prepare a college application?  What role do personal statements and resumes have in the college admissions process?  What does a college look for in an on campus interview for admission? (if applicable)  This presentation is focused on you as your Collegian Self.


The Expected Financial Risk/Return Trade-off of College,   

Presenter:  Dr. Joel Bandstra, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, Saint Francis University

 This presentation looks at the financial cost of college and its potential financial returns.   Does going to college still payoff?   Is it worth it? What is the cost of not going to college?  How do your choice of colleges and choices while at college shape the rest of your life including careers, families, independence, and responsible citizenship.  Data and analytical information will be shared with you to insure success while still in high school, then at the collegiate level, and into your career and adult life!  This presentation focuses on your Financial Self.


What’s My Major?  Finding the Right College Major,  

Presenter: Dr. Randy Frye, Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Business

 What major are you best suited for in college?   This session will present a simplified model for selecting the right college major and finding a pathway to the right career for you.  Dr. Frye will also discuss various career options in business.  This presentation focuses on your Career /Professional Self.


College Truth:  A Panel of College Students Share their Stories

Presenters: Katelyn Flynn, Junior Physician Assistant Major; Ms. Leah Hockensmith, Sophomore Physical Therapy Major; and Ms. Sydney Petro, Senior Marketing Major

 A panel of college students from Saint Francis University will lead an interactive discussion about what college is really like and how to thrive on campus.  How did they pick their majors?  What is college life really like?  What extra-curricular and co-curricular activities enable them to standout from other collegians?  What are the pitfalls to avoid?  What are their plans after college? 



Senior Workshop Prep Sheet

  1. College Prep 101:
    • Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE the Group
      • What does the “Right” College mean to you?
      • What kind of student do you think colleges are looking for?
      • What still confuses you about college?
    • What Questions Can You Ask DURING the Group
      • ___________________________________________________
      • ___________________________________________________
  2. Faith In College & Beyond:
    • Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE the Group
      • Is my Faith an important part of who I am now? How?
      • What role do I want faith to have for me in College?
      • What resources do I need on campus regarding my faith?
    • What Questions Can You Ask DURING the Group
      • ___________________________________________________
      • ___________________________________________________
  3. Financial Risks/Rewards of College
    • Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE the Group
      • How much does the College Cost & is it really worth it?
    • What Questions Can You Ask DURING the Group
      • ___________________________________________________
      • ___________________________________________________
  4. What’s My Major?
    • Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE the Group
      • How do I know if I am going into the right major?
      • What are the most viable majors/careers out there today?
    • What Questions Can You Ask DURING the Group
      • ___________________________________________________
      • ___________________________________________________
  5. College Truth – Student Panel?
    • Questions You Should Ask Yourself BEFORE the Group
      • What do you think is the most important thing to look for in a college campus?
      • How does the campus environment affect me or my education?
    • What Questions Can You Ask DURING the Group
      • ___________________________________________________
      • ___________________________________________________