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Principal's Message

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Bishop McCort Catholic High School! 


Tom Smith





















Welcome to Bishop McCort Catholic High School where we encourage you to "Catch the Spirit".  You will find Bishop McCort to be a caring, Christ-centered community focused on the development of the whole student.  Our students build a solid academic foundation with all the latest technology.  Our class sizes allow teachers to offer a personalized approach with students.  Faculty are also engaged with our parents in monitoring and directing their children's progress.  Our students "catch the spirit" to soar and achieve. 


Our students are challenged to use their God-given talents to fulfill their potential as they learn and grow closer to Christ each day.  We follow the academic standards in curriculum set forth by the state of Pennsylvania.  As a STREAM-focused school, we encourage students to ask deep real-world questions, collaborate with their peers, and arrive at meaningful conclusions.  In addition, we recognize the need for a comprehensive, well-rounded curriculum to guide each child to live out their potential.  Therefore, we also offer a variety of curricular content and enrichment such as music, band, Spanish, PE, health, art, and other online electives. Each is important to develop the whole child.  


The faculty and staff of Bishop McCort are caring individuals who strive to be the best at their craft. Our teachers model life-long learning while instilling a thirst for knowledge in their students. All staff are invested in the success of each student according to their individual talents, interests, needs, and gifts.  We are the place to be because our students are given the tools to make sound judgments and wise decisions.  


This past year, our students were among the first to surmount the obstacles of online school.  With initiative and perseverance, our students had access to devices and education continued in an innovative, creative manner.  How our Catholic schools have been navigating the pandemic is a lesson in itself in resilience and hope.  Our Catholic school students are learning to adjust, to improvise, to bounce back, and to trust in God through it all. 


I encourage you to visit our school and let us meet your family.  We will provide a tour and a private session to answer any questions.  If we can offer further assistance with your decision making process, please do not hesitate to call me.





Tom Smith

Thomas Smith

Principal/Chief Administrative Officer