Bishop McCort Catholic High School

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Board of Trustees

On July 1, 2008, the Diocese approved new Bylaws which, except to the extent of those powers reserved for the Diocese, delegated the general power of governance to a Board of Trustees. This Board of Trustees consists of members of the Diocese as well as laymen and women. The Trustees hold regular scheduled meetings each academic year and operate under the following standing committees: Executive Committee, Governance and Nominating Committee, Academic and Faculty Affairs Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Finance Committee, Alumni Relations/Public Affairs and Communications Committee, Athletic Affairs Committee, Facilities and Campus Planning Committee, and Social Values and Responsibilities Committee.

Board of Trustees
Bishop Mark L. Bartchak
Mr. Timothy Clark, Chairman
Mr. Thomas Deter, Vice-Chairman
Mr. William Ingram, Treasurer
Mr. Richard Phillips, Secretary
Very Rev. James F. Crookston
Mrs. Melinda Jacob
Mrs. Teira Maser
Mr. Fran Matten
Mr. Bob McGowan
Mrs. Lynne Tomkowski
Mr. Robert Vamos