Bishop McCort Catholic High School

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Graduation & Grades Requirements

Honors Diploma Academic Diploma
3.0 Credits Theology (4 years) 3.0 Credits Theology (4 years)
4.0 Credits Honors English 4.0 Credits English
4.0 Credits Honors Mathematics 4.0 Credits Mathematics
4.0 Credits Social Studies 4.0 Credits Social Studies
4.8 Credits Honors Science  4.0 Credits Science 
3.0 Credits Foreign Language 2.0 Credits Foreign Language
0.5 Credits Arts/Humanities 0.5 Credits Arts/Humanities
1.0 Credits Health/Phys. Ed. 1.0 Credits Health/Phys. Ed.
1.5 Credit Computer Science 1.5 Credit Computer Science
2.2 Credits Electives 3.6 Credits Electives
28.0 Total Credits     28.0 Total Credits
Honors diploma will be awarded to those students who have taken the above core credits in the  Honors/AP program.  Students are not permitted to enroll in more than five (5) study halls per week.  Students will be placed in a course if they chose not to elect one.  Each Bishop McCort student enrolls in a minimum of seven (7) periods of classes each semester.  These courses represent class instruction for 36 weeks. Students must have parent permission for the courses that they are taking through course registration forms.