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Scholastic Quiz Team (7-12) » What is the Scholastic Quiz Team?

What is the Scholastic Quiz Team?

Do you love trivia? Do you enjoy showing people what you know about science, history, geography, literature, and math? Join the defending champion Scholastic Quiz Team for our upcoming season!
Here's how it works: Each team has 4 players playing at one time. Each team has as many as 8 players on the varsity team (to sub in and out at the halftime). When the moderator asks a question, each student on the team has a chance to buzz in to answer the question, with 10 questions and then 6 questions in a rapid-fire timed round of 60 seconds. Then the other team will play their rounds, then we have a halftime for substitutes. Each round gives a potential for 160 points.
The team with the highest score after both rounds wins!
There will be a varsity team of 8 and a junior varsity team of 8. Join to hang out with your friends and show yourself how smart you are! We have had players that went on to become the Valedictorian and Salutatorian in several previous years. YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM!
The Season usually begins in September, but due to COVID-19, we will begin the season in January 2021. SIGN UP NOW!